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End of Summer Bash: Party with MaryLu Tyndall!

MaryLu Tyndall writes stories with excitement and drama and heart! And her latest historical romance (released July 2012) is no exception! You can read my review of Veil of Pearls HERE. And you can learn more about the book, as well as how you can have the chance to win a copy, by reading the following interview:

Amber: Welcome back to "Seasons of Humility," MaryLu! What’s one summer-themed song you would love to hear at an “end-of-summer” party?

MaryLu: Tough question!! I can’t think of a single summer-themed song that I’m familiar with. Hmm. Well I suppose anything by the Beach Boys would suffice. Their music always makes me think of lazy summer days playing in the surf and sand when I was a kid growing up in Florida.

Amber: Let's go with "Surfin' U.S.A."! Everybody can sing and dance along, if you'd like!

So, MaryLu, if the heroine of Veil of Pearls was planning an “end-of-summer” party, what might it look like?

MaryLu: Being a runaway slave who looks white and who has managed to slip into Charleston High society, I believe Adalia Winston would love to throw a huge party at her fiancĂ©’s plantation house, complete with a full banquet of sweet tea, lemonade, fried fish, some of that famous Charleston rice, and fresh fruit and cake. There would also be a full orchestra playing and tables and chairs set up on the back lawn beneath huge umbrellas decorated with festoons of flowers. But the real surprise would be that she would invite all the slaves to attend the party, not the plantation owners or task masters!

Amber: Great idea - I love it! Adalia has a big heart. =)

Now for the hero of Veil of Pearls… What would he look forward to most about autumn? 

MaryLu: Morgan Rutledge detests being at his family’s Charleston plantation where he must endure his father’s constant chastisement and belittlement. Besides, what is there to do at the plantation when they have slaves for every little task? But during the hot summer months, Morgan, like most of the spoiled offspring of the landed gentry, head for the cooler temperatures of the plantation rather than endure the sweltering heat of downtown Charleston. So, when the heat lessens and the temperatures begin to dip, Morgan cannot leave home fast enough to dash into town where he can cavort with his friends and attend society’s functions. And see a certain lady who his father has forbidden him to see, but one who has stolen his heart. ;-)

Amber: Oh, yes - that sneaky, love-sick man!

Please share a little more about Veil of Pearls. We’d love a brief snippet if you’d care to share one!

MaryLu: Veil of Pearls is an adventurous, romantic story about a runaway slave from Barbados, who, because of her light skin, manages to blend into Charleston and start her life anew. She is always looking over her shoulder, worried that her prior owner will find her, and therefore shuns the attention of a wealthy plantation owner’s son who has taken a fancy to her. She hates slavery and detests everything he stands for, but Morgan feels alive when he is with Adalia and finally sweeps her off her feet into the opulence of Charleston high society. But Adalia's new life comes at a high price—that of denying her heritage and her zeal for God. How far is she willing to go to win the heart of the man she loves? And when her secret is revealed, will that love be enough, or will the truth ruin Morgan and send Adalia back into slavery?

This scene is found early in the book when Morgan is pursuing Adalia and she continues to snub him. =) Morgan has just displayed his intense affection for his little sister, Elizabeth...

 ~ Excerpt from Veil of Pearls ~

“I adore her. She’s the only bright spot in my otherwise dismal life.” He faced her and she saw emotion misting his eyes. 

But his statement had already shattered any possible effect. “Ah, yes, poor rich boy. All that wealth, all those parties.” Adalia turned to leave. 

He slipped beside her, keeping her pace. “I know you must think me some foppish primcock, but you know nothing of my life.” 

She wanted to respond curtly that of course she didn’t, how could she? But the sorrow in his tone stopped her. She turned to face him. The usual devilish twinkle in his eyes dissolved beneath a hollow melancholy. She shrugged off the sympathy it caused. No doubt it was but another one of his tricks to enslave an innocent woman’s heart. 

It wouldn’t work with her. She thrust out her chin, glancing over the massive columns of St. Michael’s, desperately wanting to change the topic to something. . .anything that would bring the priggishness back to his eyes and the shield back around her heart. “I haven’t seen you at church before.” 

“I don’t normally attend St. Michael’s, though now that I know where to find you, I’m sensing a call to deeper spirituality.” He grinned and acknowledged the greeting of a passing gentleman. 

She narrowed her eyes. “The only thing you are sensing is your own carnal nature.” 

“Ouch. Milady wounds me deeply.” He pressed a hand over his heart. 

“Is everything a joke to you?” 

“No.” He sobered. “I find no humor in receiving no response to my many calls to your home.” 

“No doubt you expect me to dash to your side every time you drop off your calling card?” 

His green eyes flashed. A breeze loosened a strand of hair from his queue, leaving it dangling over his impervious jaw. She noted the way the sunlight glinted specks of gold in the dark whiskers on his chin. “Yes, now that you mention it, I do,” he said with a grin. 

She’d wager that most women did precisely that. Frowning, she eyed the parishioners exiting the church. Still no sign of Doctor Willaby. Surely it would be safe enough to walk home alone in the daylight. Anything to rid herself of this rogue and the odd feelings he invoked. 

The clip-clop of horses’ hooves and the grate of wheels grew louder as a landau passed. “If you’ll excuse me, Mr. Rutledge.” Turning, she started to leave. 

He leapt beside her and offered her his arm. “May I escort you home?” 

“You may not.” She forged ahead. 

“Why do you hate me so?” A pinch of sorrow spiced the shock in his voice. 

She must remind herself that it was only the sound of his injured pride, not any true feelings he held for her. “I don’t hate you, Sir. I merely know your kind.” 

“And what kind is that?” 

She stopped and eyed him. The social season had begun in Charleston, and much like the season in London, it was a time when the affluent and powerful forsook their plantations to converge on the city for balls, plays, concerts, and general frivolous amusements. That was all she was to him—an amusement. 

“The kind who have more wealth than they can ever spend, who fritter away their time in idle and often immoral amusements, and who think they are better than everyone else simply by nature of their birth and fortune.” 

~ End of Excerpt ~  

Book Trailer:

Amber: Thank you for chatting with us today, MaryLu! I look forward to your next release, Forsaken Dreams!

Readers, MaryLu is giving away a copy of Veil of Pearls to one of you! For a chance to win, just leave a comment for MaryLu, including your name and e-mail address. All "End of Summer Bash" winners will be announced on Saturday, September 8th.

*This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.*

Tomorrow's guest is a super-talented fantasy author. Her books are amazing, and they move me to tears! I can't wait to share more with you - including a chance to win one of her books!

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Julie said...

I have been seeing this all over the blogs. Great interview ladies :)

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This books is different than your other books. Looking forward to reading Veil of Pearls.


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Loved the interview!! I love getting into the minds of writers and hearing about the person behind the books. Loved it ladies!! Have a blessed day.

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Great interview! No need to enter me as I already have a copy. I'm sure excited to read it though. Loved this short glimpse into Adalia and Morgan's world.

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Awesome interview! Much different questions than the typical author interview. I like it :)
No need to enter me in the drawing since I have a copy already. Thanks!

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I love these end of summer/beginning of fall questions!!! I have heard such great reviews about this book and I absolutely cannot wait to read it!!!


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Great interview! I really can't wait to read Veil of Pearls!


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I really enjoy your books, Marylu. The Charlestown Bells is one of my favorite series of yours! :) I would love to win a copy of Veil of Pearls; and can't wait until Forsaken Dreams comes out!!!
Thanks for the giveaway!
-Shantelle (shantelle@truevine.net)

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your interest in reading Veil of Pearls!! And thank you Amber, for including me in your End of Summer Bash!!
Shantelle... you put a smile on my face. Thank you!

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Sorry I'm late to the party, Amber! I've been looking forward to your End of Summer Bash! Can't wait to see all the fun and fantastic authors you have planned =D

Waving at MaryLu! :) This was a great interview and I really enjoyed the excerpt! Would LOVE to win a copy of Veil of Pearls!! Thank you so much for the chance :)

Blessings to you both!!

Amber Holcomb said...

Good afternoon, everyone! :) I'm so glad you are enjoying these interviews - I've had a lot of fun interacting with the authors, putting together these posts, and anticipating the days when I can share them with you! :) I'm definitely big on this seasons theme...especially in regards to a certain website I'm currently working on... Hoping to share more with you about that next week!

MARYLU: Always a pleasure to host you! :) Can't wait for more of your books!

AMANDA: Thank you for your enthusiasm! So good to see you here! :)


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who has done nothing but talk about how wonderful this book is. I had never heard of MaryLu Tyndall until now. But, after reading the excerpt, and hearing such rave reviews, I now want to find out, for myself, how great this story is! Thanks for giving the interview, and thanks for the excerpt.

Amanda Moring

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Sooo delited to find MaryLu here!
Great summer FuN , Amber - thanks for inviting me along.. lemonade anyone?

and as a side note, this one's on at kindle amazon for only 1.99 !!
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Love that MaryLu:) So fun checking in daily and seeing what's up. I have VOP so please don't enter me in the drawing. I'm such a fan of MaryLu's and it's a joy to see her here - or anywhere! Bless you all and happy reading!

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Good evening ladies! Waving back at Amanda Stanley!! Saying hi to a new friend Amanda Moring! Please thank your friend for me. ;-)

And hello Sharon! Thanks for mentioning the sale at Amazon. I think it's also at Barnes and Noble. Great price!!

Unknown said...

Love this interview, and can't wait to read VOP! :-)


MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thank you, Laura!! I'm so honored you would drop by!! I'm such a fan of yours too!

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The book trailer is just beautiful! MaryLu, I've always loved your books! I'm sure this one will be no exception.

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This book sounds awesome and the trailer was well done, it made me want to read the book even more.
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Great interview, and trailer! Loved them both!

I'm about 1/2 way through VOP, and I'm loving it! MaryLu is an amazing author!

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I heard so much about the book, but the book trailer looks so good I wish it were a movie. Looking forward to reading and sharing the book.

Bluerose said...

I knew I wanted to read this one, so I've kind of stayed away from reading reviews, or at least skimmed them(because I mostly like to be surprised). This is the first time I've seen what it's about, though, so now I'm really excited to read it!

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