Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's Go Hiking!

Every year at Camp Humility (at least so far), we have to go on a hike! God's creation is so beautiful, and there's so much to see and appreciate. Today I'm going to take you to the Trees of Mystery, where we'll go on a walk through the redwoods. But first, we have to take a detour through the lupines on the Bald Hills Scenic Drive...

Oh, just look at that view! The sky is so blue, the clouds are so light and wispy, and the lupines are so lovely.

Let's get in close to admire the color - and snap a picture in this great setting!

We've got to zoom out again to see the grand picture - certainly quite grand! My friend Elena pointed out the distinct line between the different types of trees on that far hill - almost looks like a shadow on one side!

Don't you just want to frolic through the flowers??

Nothing like a sunny summer day spent with family and friends. =) Such a gift!

Aww, look at my beautiful mom among the lupines!

Anybody up for a game of hide-and-seek? ;)

Take in one last whiff of that sun-drenched-lupine smell. There's nothing like it!

Now, on to the Trees of Mystery! Up there is the "lightning tree" - see how jagged it is, just like a bolt of lightning?

And there's the Cathedral Tree. It's the site of many a wedding. That's my "the-only-thing-I-need-is-a-man-to-complete-this-picture" pose. ;)

You can see that the redwoods are amazing just by looking at their huge trunks. But let's tilt our heads back and gaze up at the sky - I think we'll get a whole new perspective.

Want another perspective? Let's take the Skytrail (riding in the gondolas) up to the top!

What a view from up here!

And...back down we go!

Before we leave the redwoods, let's take a quick stop at the Forest Cafe across the street. Isn't it so cute?? (And the food's not bad either! The pulled pork sandwich and the sweet potato fries that were the lunch special yesterday? - Mmm!)

Wait!! Oh no!! The bear got me! (I guess that's my frozen-stupid-in-fear look, LOL!)

Oh, no worries! We were just playin'. ;) (But seriously, I look as white as a vampire!)

Be sure to wave good-bye to Paul Bunyan - he might just wave back! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the hike (and more)! Remember, the giveaway closes this evening when I put together the last post of Camp Humility 2012. See you at the campfire!

(Pictures were taken yesterday by my mom and me on an actual outing with my dear friend, Elena. We had a fabulous time, and I'm so grateful to my mom for taking us!)


Bluerose said...

So cute! I loved looking at all your pictures. It really makes me wish I had somewhere like that to walk around my neck of the woods. :P

It looks like y'all had fun!

Julie said...

I love love love The Trees of Mystery! My sisters used to live in Crescent City. Every time we visited we would stop at The Trees of Mystery. There is something about Redwoods that just amaze me! I was never brave enough to do the sky ride, but I figured I could stand amazed just looking UP! What a fun day Amber! Thanks for sharing! Love the flowers too!

Amber S. said...


Thank you! We really did have a lot of fun! :)

And I know I often take it for granted that we have such lovely places to walk around here... It truly is a blessing! I'm sure every place has its own unique beauty, though. :)


Amber S. said...


That's so cool!! It really is a small world after all. ;) I love the Trees of Mystery, as well! It always makes for a fun outing, no matter how many times you've been there - as God's creation never ceases to amaze!

Anyway, it definitely was a fun day! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, and thank you for stopping by! :)


Casey said...

LOVE those pictures! So pretty. That's one hike I would have loved to come on. Love the purple flowers too. :-)

Amber S. said...


Thank you! :)

Well, if you ever want to visit the redwoods, you know you're always welcome to come on over! :)


Krissi Dallas said...

You are adorable! Love the pics (and the shirt!!)! I especially love the cathedral You don't see that kind of stuff here in Texas. GORGEOUS!!

Marissa said...

Awesome pictures!!! My mom and I went hiking today in the Colorado Rockies. :) What a coincidence!! Or maybe Providence. :)

Amber S. said...


Aww, thank you! ;) I really do love the shirt - it's so pretty and fun! Makes me want to collect all 4, LOL!

The redwoods really are amazing... It's a beautiful place to live! Be sure to let me know if you ever want to swing by this way to see the trees! :)


Amber S. said...


Thank you! And that's wonderful that you and your mom went on a hike, as well! :) I'd love to see the Rocky Mountains someday, if it is the Lord's will!


Cathy said...

So that's what the view looks like from up there! ;)
Last time we were there it was so foggy we couldn't see anything. We did have a lovely walk through the redwoods though. I love those trails!
Great pictures Amber, makes me want to go back for a walk. :)

Amber S. said...


It really IS a small world - how cool that at least 2 of my blogging friends have been to the Trees of Mystery! :) It's such a great place to visit, isn't it??

And yes, on a sunny day, that's what the view looks like - at least in one direction. ;) But notice that you can see the fog rolling in looking down on the Skytrail... *sigh* Some things never change! ;)

The trails really are so beautiful and the sights are awe-inspiring - hope you get to go for a walk there again!