Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's Go Fishing!

Just look at that view! This is what makes fishing so wonderful.

Let me start off the day by being very clear: I'm rather under-qualified when it comes to teaching anyone how to fish. So today, I'm not going to tell you what bait is best to use to lure a certain type of fish, or how much you ought to spend on fishing gear, or what time of the day is the best for catching fish.

Instead, I'm going to show you how to experience the joys of fishing - with or without actually catching fish. So grab your fishing pole, your tackle box, and some munchies, and we'll head for the lake!

Here are some important things to remember about fishing (according to me, anyway!):
  1. Pick a beautiful day to go fishing. Sunshine on the lake - that's what I'm talking about!
  2. Pick a beautiful place to go fishing. (If you're ever in Northern California, I highly recommend Lewiston Lake - just look at these pictures, if you're not convinced!) Notice that I said the place has to be beautiful. I'm not really overly concerned about where the most fish are. I figure, if I'm going to spend a day fishing, I want to enjoy the view, right?
  3. Bring food. A well-stocked cooler (not the one designated for the fish you catch!) is essential. Consider packing a Subway sandwich, chips, sodas, cookies, and fruit.
  4. Bring a journal/iPod/book. If the cooler is essential, one or all of these are even more so. Want inspiration for writing your latest scene or composing a poem? What could be more inspiring than riding on a patio boat on the lake? Want a nice spot to relax? Music can add to the mood. Want some time to dive into that great summer read sitting on your TBR stack? Umm... The one thing about fishing that is pretty much guaranteed is waiting. So bring something with you to best help you enjoy the wait!

Today we're renting a patio boat or two so that we can all experience the wonder of fishing. By now you're probably wondering how exactly I define fishing...

Well, OK - catching fish is nice, and it does kind of come with the territory. There is a certain thrill in reeling in a fish, and I really like fishing - as most people define it - in theory. But at this point in my life, you won't catch me preparing the fish afterward! And, quite frankly, you probably won't catch me catching much fish either. I'm really not that skilled at it.

So to me, fishing means taking the time to go away for the day. It means spending a sunny summer day on a covered patio boat in the middle of a sparkling lake, writing in a journal or listening to music or reading a book (or all three!). It means enjoying the beauty of God's creation and just sitting in the sunshine, thinking.

Yes, sometimes I get upset when the fish aren't biting. But I'm sad to think that I've helped ruin a wonderful day by being grumpy and having a poor attitude for some reason or another. I much prefer those times when - fish or no fish - I just enjoy a day away with the people I love.

Today, I invite you to come fishing with me, "Amber-style." No pressure. No worries. Just a peaceful day out on the lake together. =)


Julie said...

I'm not a fan of fishing and I don't eat fish(Yucko), but love the idea of being in a boat on the lake floating along with a good book, wonderful company and God's beautiful creation. Sounds very peaceful. Loving your posts so far!

Julie@My Favorite Pastime

Bluerose said...

"But I'm sad to think that I've helped ruin a wonderful day by being grumpy and having a poor attitude for some reason or another."

LOVE that! We went to the lake on Saturday. Flies were EVERYWHERE, including on our food, we were getting eat up by bugs, and it was HOT. I was tempted several times to lose my cool, but thankfully, I survived and the boys had a lot of fun.

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I'm with Julie, fish aren't my thing but I would be okay to swim while everyone else is trying for the big catch! ;-) Hahaha

xoxo~ Renee

Amanda Stanley said...

Fishing sounds like fun though my experience with it is zero, lol! And I've never been on a boat before but this is a very nice virtual introduction ;-)

I think your ideas for a day on the water sound heavenly! I'd be working on my tan and my TBR stack all at the same time ;-) But I do want to learn how to fish someday, even though I don't particularly care for the taste and, gosh, I hate the smell! Yep, they're a 180 from marshmallows in my book, lol! ;-)

Have you ever seen Ben Sargents show, "Hook, Line and Dinner" on the Cooking Channel? My mom loves seafood so she watches it all the time. Well, when the CC advertises it with a little montage they show a clip of him strumming a guitar singing, "I'm going fishing." Sorry, that was random but it just popped into my head reading this post and now I'm singing it! I'm in rare form at this camp... must be something in the water... ;-)

Love the pics you shared of your family! You're all so cute :-)


Amber S. said...


It's definitely peaceful - a wonderful experience, even if you're not a fan of fish! :) Generally, I'm not big on eating fish, either, although I've tried a bit off and on, and I think maybe I'm liking it a little more... Still not my favorite, though!

I'm so glad you're enjoying Camp Humility so far! :) Thank you for being a part of it!


Amber S. said...


Aww, I know what you mean - the heat and the bugs can really get to you at times! I'm glad that your recent trip to the lake still turned out to be fun for your boys, though. :) It really does take a lot of effort to maintain a good attitude, and I know I don't put forth enough effort as much as I ought to...


Amber S. said...


That's totally fine! Whatever floats your boat. ;) I'm not sure if I would want to swim in a cold lake with fish...but that's just me. ;)


Amber S. said...


Hahaha, I love seeing this new side of you - huffing marshmallows and singing T.V. show ditties! ;) Too funny!

And oh, I do hope you get to ride on a boat sometime!! It's really a great experience! :) And fishing - I hope you get to try that, too! Glad I get to help virtually introduce you to these things. ;)

I haven't seen that show, but it sounds cool. :) And no worries - seriously, my family and I quote T.V. commercials all the time, and we area always randomly connecting movie/T.V. quotes to whatever we're talking about, LOL! Sounds like we'd get along splendidly. :)

And thank you for the sweet words about me and my family - we're a crazy bunch, but we can be cute when we want to be. ;)


Casey said...

I love the pics! Makes me miss your family and want to see you all again. :D

Amber S. said...


Aww, you're so sweet! :) Thank you! I hope I get to see you and your family again soon, as well! :)