Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Haunting Title

I recently started the book Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke, which so far promises to be a powerful Titanic-themed story. (Be looking for my review scheduled for March 8th!) In looking up more about this author, I discovered that she has already had two Civil War era novels published - William Henry is a Fine Name and I Have Seen Him in the Watchfires. While both sound like moving reads, it's the title of the latter book that really resonates with me...

The title combined with that cover are quite haunting. Would you agree? Nowadays books are definitely a package deal - from the title, to the cover, to the synopsis, to the endorsements, and to the story itself. I'm sure different readers pick up books for different reasons, and a title doesn't necessarily have to be the main or only selling point. But I think there's something gripping about a unique title like this - one that seems to foreshadow the heart of the story and hover around the edges of one's mind.

What do you think? Have you come across any book titles lately that have stuck with you or made you want to give the book a try?

And for those of you who are you find it easy or difficult to come up with titles?


SheHeartsBooks said...


I have been following your blog for awhile, but never commented. I also am friends with you on shelfari(Evergraceful). Anyways, I actually came across this book last week at the library. I don't remember having seen it before, and my mom got it for my brother to read. How coincidental that you posted something about this book only days after I discovered it.

Also, I enjoy your blog :-).

Have a lovely week,

Amber S. said...


Thank you for your sweet comment! :) With how busy life can be, it's definitely hard to comment often, even with blogs we like to read - and I'm pleased to know that you like visiting "Seasons of Humility!" And how fun that we're already Shelfari friends. :)

That's really cool about you and your family discovering this book recently! I hope your brother enjoys it. :) If you ever read it, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on it!

I hope you have a lovely week, as well, and thank you again for the comment!


Faye said...

I agree the title is great! I love it when they take the words to old hymns and make them the titles of books, because I think that the hymns of old captured things in such a special way, that said what they wanted to convey and yet made it eloquents and beautiful--all at once! Great thoughts :)

Amber S. said...


Oh my goodness! I didn't even realize that the title was from the Battle Hymn of the Republic. *Blushing* Thank you for showing me that this is from a hymn - and I totally agree with your thoughts! Certainly eloquent and beautiful. And now I feel like I have a totally new perspective on the title... :)

Thank you!