Monday, August 1, 2011

My Review of Surrender the Dawn

Here's a description of the book from Barbour Publishing:

"You’ll be gasping for air in this seafaring romance by popular author and Christy Award nominee MaryLu Tyndall. Baltimore’s Cassandra Channing will do anything to provide for her family—even if it means hiring the town rogue as a privateer. Luke Heaton is a handsome rake with a tortured past who is blackmailed by the British into selling supplies to their ships just off the coast. Cassandra and Luke’s worlds collide as they are drawn into danger, secrets, romance, and war. But when the British begin to bombard Fort McHenry, how long can they protect their love—and each other?"

My Rating: Spring

My Review:

Where do your loyalties lie? Who can you trust? Those are the questions Cassandra and Luke both have to face as they deal with doubts and hardships during the War of 1812. The journey to discover the answers is one that challenges, inspires, and ultimately warms the heart of the reader.

In trademark Tyndall style, Surrender the Dawn is full of drama, seafaring action, and romance. The war-time setting provides an intriguing backdrop to the love story. The romance is more gentle in this book than in some of Tyndall's other books - developing slower, with more of a focus on emotions rather than combined adventures. But Luke and Cassandra have different issues and pasts than Tyndall's other characters, so their story requires a different sort of plot.

The emphasis on family and patriotism provides an extra does of emotional tension, keeping this a fast-paced read. I confess that even though there was action in the story, I was hoping for a bit more involving Luke and Cassandra together. However, I still found this to be an enjoyable excursion into the past, and I loved the ending with the inclusion of a well-known historical figure.

The "Surrender to Destiny" series is wonderful! My favorite remains Surrender the Night, but this last book provides a hopeful and fitting conclusion to a great series that reminds us of the freedom and purpose found in surrendering to God's destiny for our lives.

*With thanks to Barbour Publishing and the author for providing me with the book in exchange for my honest opinion.*


Kav said...

The only Tyndall book I've read is Surrender the Night and loved it. I'll have to check out Destiny now as well. There seems to be a trend in this period British vs American historicals lately. Which is kind of funny for me up here in Canada. British supporters from the states fled up here in Ontario, Nova Scotia etc. and are known as the Empire Loyalists and a huge part of our history and considered our heros. LOL. I've often thought of writing a flip-side historical romance in favour of the Loyalists only I don't think it would sell very well! :-)

Michelle said...

Great review, Amber! Can't wait to read this one! : )

Amber Holcomb said...


Wasn't Surrender the Night wonderful? :) I think it would be great if you could read the first book (Surrender the Heart) and the last book (Surrender the Dawn), as well!

And I love your idea! Hey, it's unique, right? ;) And it's always good for us to see the other side of a situation and realize that people are people regardless of which side they're on, you know?

You write it, and I'll read and review it for you! :)


Amber Holcomb said...


Thank you! So glad you get a chance to read it, and I hope you enjoy it! :)