Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock Holmes (Episode 1)

Yay! The Internet was back up and running at full speed today (Thursday), so I am delighted to say that I just finished watching the first, wonderful episode of the new PBS Masterpiece version of Sherlock Holmes, titled "A Study in Pink!"

While this one was not quite as "edge-of-my-chair," moment-by-moment suspenseful as the second episode (yes--unfortunately, I did watch them out of order), "A Study in Pink" had me laughing so much, and then once again shouting at my laptop screen for the last part. What an adventure this episode was!

I loved getting to see how Sherlock Holmes and John Watson met, and I was surprised and moved by the background to Watson's story. Watson served in the military and toured in Afghanistan, and he had returned to London having been shot in the shoulder and having acquired a limp. It was a pleasure to see his growth in this episode, both in his self-awareness and in his friendship with Sherlock, and I was happy to see him finding purpose in his life and a desire to truly live it.

As for Sherlock--boy, does he leave an intriguing first impression! And his comments to others--wow! He can be rather cruel, but there is a depth to him that goes beyond his mind. I think he reaches a point at the end of the episode where he has been humbled and perhaps realizes that he isn't completely perfect, which is a good lesson for us all!

As I said before, the last part forced me to become vocal, as if I somehow thought the characters could hear me and follow my orders! ;) I was completely captivated, wondering what on earth was going to happen, how all the "murders" had been committed, and how it was all going to be resolved. There were a lot of great twists throughout the episode, for sure, but that ending was just one tangled, thrilling knot!

And don't even get me started on the dialogue of the movie! Yes, there was a little bit of language (not too bad), but besides that there were just so many funny lines! I wrote down some of the many memorable quotes from the episode, and I'll only share a few with you now (just so you can get a taste before watching it online for yourself!):
  • Sherlock's "enemy" to Watson: "You're not haunted by the war, Dr. Watson. You miss it. (pause) Welcome back."
  • Watson to Sherlock: "I just met a friend of yours." Sherlock: "A friend?" (incredulous) Watson: "An enemy." Sherlock: "Oh." (complete understanding) "Which one...?"
  • Text Message from Sherlock to Watson: "If convenient, come to Baker Street." Several minutes later, another text message from Sherlock: "If inconvenient, come anyway."
  • Watson: "Did I just text a murderer?" [How's that for a teaser?!]
This was a fantastic episode, and now I'm off to watch the third one!!!


Unknown said...

YAY!! So happy you enjoyed A Study in Pink! I can't remember the last time I've watched a show that made me laugh so hard one minute and then get so involved with the characters that I'm yelling at the TV the next. :) Thanks for transcribing those quotes - the dialogue for this show is just spectacular. So many memorable lines. *sigh* I just love it, but you know that from my blog. LOL!!

Amber Holcomb said...


I was really looking forward to this one, and I was not disappointed! It was fabulous! And I know just what you mean: non-stop laughs blended flawlessly with non-stop, heart-pounding action and suspense! What a show! :D

I agree about the dialogue: so, so good! I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes--I have more if you want to read them! ;)

Sherlock: "What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring."

Sherlock to Watson: "John...I think you should know I'm married to my work..."

Sherlock: "I pickpocket him when he's annoying."

And this scene was just great when they get back from chasing down the taxi cab:

(Both laughing)

Watson: "That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever done."
Sherlock: "You invaded Afghanistan."
Watson: "That wasn't just me..."

I even have more written down than this! I was constantly pausing or furiously scribbling down funny lines--GREAT stuff!


Anonymous said...

I have to confess I don't really understand the ending. Are we supposed to believe that the 4 people who were murdered by the cabbie were the same type of risk-taker as Holmes? None of the early scenes of their deaths show anyone with them, or forcing them to take the pills....

Amber Holcomb said...


Thanks for stopping by! I don't claim to know all the answers, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought I'd take a shot at your question anyway. :)

I think what was suggested was that the cabbie made the 4 people choose between a bullet or a 50/50 chance with the pills. Of course, Holmes recognizes that the gun is a fake. (The cabbie notes that none of the other people figured that out, and Holmes says, "Clearly.") So the other 4 people figured that a 50/50 chance was better than a bullet to the brain. And the cabbie claims it was his genius that made him "win" all 4 times and not luck. I guess that is up to us to decide. ;)

The earlier scenes didn't show someone with them because then the surprise ending would have been given away. But I think if you go back you'll see that, at least with the first guy, it looked like he was looking at someone else and taking his measure. And near the end there are flashback scenes that show how the taxi cabs fit into every scene with the victims.

Hope this helps answer your question! :)